Everything you need to know about Neoland Group

Neoland represents a fresh, innovative approach to land acquisition, residential and community project delivery and development.

As “Neo” means new, every one of our developments is created by engineers, designers and managers with wide-ranging expertise in a project’s total life cycle.

The company aims to create inspiring, sustainable residential neighbourhoods that focus on the wellbeing of the residents whilst ensuring exceptional value to stakeholders, partners and communities. This is done by following a philosophy that revolves around continuous learning and assessments that produce projects with core values for success.

Every development is unique, but each communicates a focus to blend delightful homes that seamlessly connect with local amenities, vibrant communities and their natural surroundings.

Neoland advisory

Our proven end-to-end project management approach is founded not only on our professional skills and vast experience, but also on a deep respect for personalised service that ensures each client relationship is open, honest and communicative.

Our multidisciplinary experience in the areas of residential development, joint ventures and development management agreements, creation of business cases and funding strategies, property development services and project delivery and management positions us at the industry forefront. These skills deliver a bespoke range of solutions and benefits to our clients and partners including site identification, stakeholder and supplier management, financial analysis and management, and sales and marketing strategies to ensure that projects are delivered on time, to budget, while ensuring optimal performance.  At Neoland Advisory, keeping the client at the forefront, we strive to deliver personalised services that result in custom made solutions that commence from project initiation and extends all the way to project execution.

Our expertise

Residential development

Our personalised, highly professional service is completely customer-focussed and is based on a deep understanding of the residential property market, demographic and consumer trends and intelligence.

We embrace contemporary business practices and use the latest technology in our internal systems and processes that have been specially developed to support a project from conception and delivery, managing and reporting on each step along the journey process.

Development Management Agreements & Joint Ventures

Being a diversified property business, we work with industry peers and partners to skillfully collaborate with and advise on property development projects. We team closely with our clients, landowners, investors, finance and development partners at every stage, resulting in innovative and creative lifestyle solutions.

Development management

Neoland uses extensive market insights and deep industry connections to deliver outcomes for landowners and project partners that mitigate risk and secure high-quality product implementation across each project milestone.

Our services

Business Case and Funding Strategy

  • • Development of a comprehensive business case pre acquisition.
  • • Undertaking detailed due diligence pre acquisition to review.
  • • Comprehensive start-to-finish risk mitigation strategies.
  • • Development of the project feasibility and professional assessment through consultancy collaboration.
  • • Development of various funding strategies.
  • • Stakeholder consultation strategy and implementation.
  • • Assurance and advice on process and procedures.

Property Development Services

  • • Liaising with the relevant stakeholders for the establishment of relevant structure for the development and for the execution of the share and unit-holder agreements.
  • • Review of the project, development of strategies for the optimisation and increase in yield to suit current market conditions.
  • • The development of the project feasibility and indicative project cash flow.
  • • Attendance at project control meetings and briefing the funder on current and milestone status of the project.
  • • Liaising with the sales and marketing teams for the sale of the project development and coordination with the conveyancers for the successful settlements.
  • • Property and commercial advice.
  • • Sales and marketing strategy development and advice.
  • • Sale and purchase negotiations.

Project Delivery

  • • Project management and directorship.
  • • Project brief development.
  • • Design management.
  • • Superintendency services.
  • • Construction management.
  • • Authority approvals.
  • • Project scheduling.
  • • Stakeholder management.
  • • Contract management and administration.
  • • Cost management and value engineering.
  • • Post commissioning and project handover.


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